Best Practice Principles (BPP)

Best Practice Principles (BPP)

Being a Sightholder of De Beers Group,Yosi Glick Diamonds is committed to adhere to De Beers Group’s Best Practice Principles assuring our customers the highest industry ethics through:

  • Consumer Confidence – We are committed to operating our business with a view to ensuring that consumers are able to rely with confidence on the professional and ethical standards and technical skills of the gem diamond industry.
  • Business Practice – We are committed to operate so that we neither engage in, nor encourage in any such way practices that are regarded as unacceptable and against the public interest and of that of the diamond industry.
  • Commitment – We are committed to the highest industry ethics.

The foundation of the BPPs relies on national and international legislation, established industry standards and sound business practice, as essential means in raising not just De Beers’ but also the industry benchmark for corporate responsibility. They cover three main areas, commonly known as "the triple bottom line". We, at Yosi Glick Diamonds are proud to meet these standards:

  • Business Requirements - The BBPs are designed to ensure that all organizations operate responsibly and ethically by adhering to all compliance regulations in activities such as sales, transactions, supply chain management, sourcing of goods, interaction with local community and other parties of interest and overall business relationships. This includes the business practice of all employees at every level.
  • Social Requirement – The BPPs are designed to ensure that participants continue to adhere to strict legal requirements addressing social commitments. These requirements relate essentially to how employees of an operation are treated as well as how an operation impacts its local community.
  • Environmental Compliance – The procedures and policies enshrined in BPPs have been designed in such a way that all operations adopt the highest standards required by law with regard to their impact on the environment in which they operate.


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