Added Value Services

Added Value Services

Yosi Glick has many clients around the world with different needs for a wide range of rough. One of the company’s main competitive added value services is the large inventory of nearly 2000 consistent assortments which cater to small and big companies alike.

Via our international presence and offices in three diamonds centers: Israel, Belgium, India, we are able to receive market knowledge at real time which helps us refine our assortments according to changing market conditions and price the goods accordingly.

The company provides the following services to help our customers business:

  • Planning rough supply according the client needs and demands.
  • Giving credit to support clients financially
  • Sourcing rough according to specific client demand
  • Providing up-to-date market knowledge
  • Holding a wide range of goods in various price ranges, qualities, colors and models.

Yosi Glick Diamonds' greatly prides itself on its quality products, therefore the sorting of both prepared and unprepared rough receives an extremely large portion of the company’s resources in terms of manpower, time, attention to detail, financial investment and continuous process of analysis, improvement and quality control. 

Yosi Glick Diamonds makes it its business to stay up-to-date with the developing, cutting edge technologies and sophisticated equipment as well as employing the most qualified and expert personnel in the field of rough and prepared diamonds, maintaining its lead in the field at all times.

We believe in long term relationships with our suppliers and customers and only by understanding our clients businessess we are able to give excellent service, a wide variety of goods, consistent assortments and continuity to support our partners.